Health Insurance Is a legal contract between two or more parties that promises certain performance In exchange for considerations.

An Insurance policy Is considered a unilateral contract. This Is because only one party (the Insurer) Is required to fulfill their obligation. While a policy owner may decide to terminate premium payments, as long as the payments are paid the Insurer must meet their responsibility under the contract.

Their are several types of policies to choose from that Include Disability Income Insurance, Medical Insurance and Group Medical Insurance, to mention a few. Any of these policies might cover various combinations and may be paid In a lump sum.

One thing is for sure, you MUST have health coverage of some kind, even if only to cover income.

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Most insurance plans are so unwieldy and garbled that they make it almost impossible to understand. You need to get informed and gain the right knowledge to understand what you are getting from the policy being offered.

The information supplied in the book below is priceless, and will give you a solid insight on how to get the right information to help you make a decision on the type of policy you need for your particular situation.

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