Asafoetida continues to be called the “Food of the Gods.” The key element of the plant which is used is the resin that makes a volatile oil up. Asafoetida is an herbal plant that’s an expectorant, a treatment for headaches, an antidote, and many varied uses including a help for digestion. Asafoetida was proven to be utilized on some mental disability but not quite frequently has it been proven to make any significant difference except for moderate stress. In order that it focuses mainly on bodily functions.  Check out 12 amazing health Benefits of Asafetida.

It is used regularly for vegetarian dishes which is prepared in India. It’s among the primary flavorings in Worcestershire sauce now. Asafoetida in hindi called hing which is popular in India. 

The History of Asafoetida:

It was not unfamiliar in the Mediterranean that is first, having come across Iran. It’s still popular in India though it’s normally forgotten in Europe. It emerged from a capturing expedition of Alexander the Great, who, after returning from a visit to northeastern Persia, believed they’d discovered a plant nearly indistinguishable to the well-known silphium of Cyrene though appetizing into Europe. Dioscorides, in the first century, wrote, “the Cyrenaic type, even if one simply tastes it, at once arouses a humour through the body and contains an extremely healthy scent, so it is not detected on the breath, or merely a small; but the Median [Iranian] is poorer in power and contains a more terrible scent.” However, it perhaps replaced in cooking which has been lucky, because a couple of decades after the time of Dioscorides, the actual silphium of Cyrene became extinct, and asafoetida became popular amongst doctors, along with cooks.

Asafoetida is, in addition, mentioned numerous times in Jewish literature, including the Mishnah. Maimonides also composes in the Mishneh Torah “In the rainy season, you need to eat warm food with much spice, however a small quantity of mustard and asafoetida.” 

The Health Benefits of Asafetida: 

As mentioned before, it works on gas as well as the bloating related to it but farther it also relieves indigestion, rids belly cramps, and helps with constipation. In regards to headaches, when Asafoetida is combined with water it’s demonstrating great promise for treating tension headaches and migraines. As an antidote, it works great for an insect repellant and snake bites when it’s blended with garlic. 

As an expectorant the Asafoetida oil relieves the respiratory system and helps removing excessive mucus. It is used by many for bronchitis, asthma, and whooping cough. It helps in expelling cough.

Check out all 12 health benefits of asafetida in order: 

1. Reduce Ear Pain: 

Asafoetida can also be quite effectual in treatment of ear pain/ear ache. If you have ear pain, heat up coconut oil in little pan with little part of asafetida, then allow it to melt down. Put on the oil in ears with your hands once it gets to room temperature. This can be among the powerful treatments for ear pain which is practiced for a long time.                   

2. Reduce Gas Problems in Infants: 

For young infants, it is recommended to give asafetida internally. For toddlers, as it’s an extremely strong pungent odor, they are going to refuse to drink it. For the treatment of young infants, make a paste with water and asafetida, then apply on the infant’s tummy. To understand whether your infant is experiencing gas, reach their tummy, if they’re affected by gas it will be tight and also bloated. Simply use asafetida, they’re going to be better right away. 

3. Mouth Rinse:

Asafoetida used a mouth rinse additionally gives great relief. Asafoetida and few cloves are boiled in cup of plain water to create the rinse. This water as a mouth rinse gives great relief from tooth ache when used. 

4. Reduce Stomach Discomfort: 

Asafoetida is a fantastic spice to deal with flatulence as well as expelling wind. A lot of people suffer from gas while lentils are consumed by them. At any time you cook legumes and dals, the problem is prevented by adding asafoetida which helps in rapid digestion. Small bit of asafoetida goes quite a distance and in case you add too much of it, the dish turns bitter and may have strong odor of asafoetida which you will find it difficult to get rid away. 

5. Treatment of Cough:

Asafoetida could be utilized to deal with cough. A paste produced by grinding asafoetida in water applied on the chest is an excellent home remedy to alleviate cough. 

6. Treatment of Pimples:

Asafoetida can be utilized efficiently for acne as well as acne scars. A pinch of the asafoetida powder applied on acne spots and may be mixed with water. Routine application will slowly heal acne flares.

7. Treats Impotency: 

Asafetida in addition has been employed for ages to treat erectile dysfunction, or impotency, in guys. Fry one fourth teaspoon of asafetida in a little clarified butter. Remove from heat and mix in one half teaspoon of fresh latex of banyan tree and little honey. Take this mixture daily in the first morning for 40 days to see improvement in your condition. Based on a study in Egypt, asafetida can also be useful in treating genital diseases.

8. Treatment of Skin:

Asafoetida can also be quite effectual in treatment of skin blemishes. A straightforward face mask created using yogurt and asafoetida powder will significantly decrease age spots and the blemishes in your skin. Attempt do it often at least weekly for the best results.

9. Extremely Valuable in Treating Stings: 

Asafoetida is exceptionally valuable in treatment of stings of wasps, bees etc. Paste of the asafoetida must be applied as a poultice on affected area and should be left to dry. In order to create the paste a tiny part of asafoetida is rubbed on a rock, with little bit of water untill you get a heavy paste. And then apply this paste on the stings you will feel comfort.  

10. Reduce Menstrual Pain: 

As it can help to eliminate menstrual pain, it’s actually a blessing for girls. Asafoetida is fried in an empty pan and powdered, added to buttermilk as well as bit of sugar and given to the girls with menstrual pain which truly helps.                               

11. Prevents Cancer:

It can help shield the body as asafetida is a strong antioxidant. Studies demonstrate its anti-carcinogenic property therefore prevents cancer and helps prevent the development of malignant cells.

Of the several compounds in asafetida that possess the possibility two compounds that are extensively studied are umbrelliprenin and ferulic acid, each of which help prevent the growth of new cancer cells.  

12. Reduce Teeth Pain:

Asafoetida is great for treatment of tooth aches. Make a paste of the asafoetida with lemon juice for tooth aches and then apply with help of an ear bud on affected part of the tooth. And soon you will discover your pain slowly falling.                         


Individuals taking medications for experiencing blood clotting problems, high blood pressure and pregnant women should avoid taking asafetida. 

What are the Asafoetida Substitute? 

There might be times when you’re at the center of making your favorite dish, that calls for asafetida and you may not have it. For such times, refer to these asafoetida substitutes that are easy, and you won’t ever miss that distinctive flavor of asafetida in your food. The substitutes are garlic, onion powder, Chives and garlic flakes.

Asafoetida has an extremely disagreeable smell to it, so poor that lots of call it the “Devil’s Dung.” The putrid smell comes from resin which is taken out from the root of the plant. Asafoetida is a relative to the carrot although a species of the fennel plant. It has organic sulfur compound which causes the disgusting smells. In regards to the worth of the Asafoetida tree, the elderly is better and trees less than four years of age are nearly useless. 

When purchasing Asafoetida in the market it’s going to be around in three distinct types, one is called tears that can be sold in Chinese drugstores and characteristically may have fragments of root. Additionally it is sold in a paste that is quite popular as a condiment for flavoring dishes such as curry, sauces, to flavor beans and pickles. It is used by many people as an alternative for garlic.

You have learned many health benefits of asafetida, if you would like to add more benefits or express your view, feel free to comment on this post.