Do you find yourself sniping at your mate more frequently than usual? Do your children “cringe” when you come into the room? Are your co-workers avoiding you?Well, if you can relate maybe it’s time for a checkup, from the neck up, and see what this guide can do for you!

Becoming angry does not make you a bad person. Everyone gets angry on occasion. How you deal with and express that anger is where the problem lies.

More often than not we can fly off the handle at the slightest provocation when the real root of the anger has nothing to do with the situation that triggered it!

No one can make you angry. Just like no one can make you happy. Anger is just an outlet for other emotions that we aren’t dealing with in an appropriate manner.

Learning how to deal with anger is what “Anger Management 101” is all about.

Here’s a list of just a few of the helpful things you find inside:

* Recognizing anger

* Learn the different forms that anger takes

* When anger leads to abuse

* Is it physical or mental abuse

* Commit to Change and Manage Anger

* Learn how to start changing

* Early Warning Signs and Your Triggers

* How to break the patterns

* Taking Time Out

* Adults need time out too

* Relaxation to Counteract Anger

* Learn how to squelch it fast

* One Thing At a Time

* Taking baby steps

* Substance Abuse, Depression and Anger

* Catastrophic Stress = Catastrophic Anger

* Learning Assertiveness Skills

* Learning Better Communication Techniques

* Teaching children and teens how to control anger

* Self-Esteem and Anger

* Forgiveness

* When to Seek Professional Help

Written in plain English “Anger Management” will help give you some peace of mind by answering those probing questions about how to control your anger.

Anger impacts every aspect of your life and if left unchecked could result in permanent damage to your relationships, not to mention the potential for physical violence.

The purpose of our guide is to give you an overview of how to control your anger as well as provide you with information about the different types of coping mechanisms you may find helpful.

So, why do you need “Anger Management?”

Because it gives you what you need to know!

Thousands of people get angry every single day without harmful results. However, many people find themselves becoming angry more often and feel as though their ability to control their anger is slipping through their fingers.

If you are trying to figure out if your anger is real and/or feel as though you are losing control by all means get your copy of “Anger Management .” If you choose not to try “Anger Management 101” but you feel that the message in these words resonates with you, please get help somewhere.