Only a mother loves you enough and has just the right tone to let you know that you have it.

Has this ever happened to you? You’re at a party and there’s this really hot girl across the room. You exchange a glance. You both smile.

You begin to wind your way through the crowd all the while maintaining eye contact. The attraction is definitely there, right?

You finally make it across the dance floor and approach her with a smile. Suddenly, there’s a shift in her body language. She tightens up, the smile disappears and before you can finish your introduction, she mumbles something and turns away.

Now, what in the heck happened in the ten seconds it took you to cross the room?

Only your mother will tell you. . .you have BAD BREATH

There are other telltale warning signs as well.

* Is your mouth frequently very dry?

* Does milk or coffee leave a bad taste in your mouth?

* Do you have post nasal drip?

* Do people regularly offer you breath mints?

* Is there a white coating on your tongue?

* Is your saliva thick?

* Do people frequently turn their heads or back away from you?

Did you know that most people who have bad breath aren’t even aware of it? Breathing into your own hand to see if you have bad breath is just a myth. . .it doesn’t work!

Having bad breath can make a serious dent in your social life, not to mention retarding your success on the job. We live in a social world, but all the social skills on earth can’t compete with bad breath.

“Getting Rid of Bad Breath” will give you all the first hand information you need to discover if you HAVE bad breath. Then, it provides you with the skills to get RID of it.

* Discover what causes bad breath

* Why mouthwash and breath mints can make it worse

* When are “odd” breath smells dangerous to your health

* What you should know about tongue piercing BEFORE it’s too late

* How eating disorders affect bad breath

* Getting to the “root” of the problem

* What single item you can chew to cleanse your breath

Take control and get a handle on this problem once and for all. If you, a friend or a loved one have the problem, it is having a detrimental affect on your confidence and self-esteem.