Considering Its puny size, your ear Is an extraordinary Instrument. A sugar cube sized piece of equipment, you are able to distinguish all speech sounds along with another nearly half a million sounds.

Your ears main function Is to collect, process, and send sound to your brain. But that Is not all, those two small Intricate mechanisms that you have on the sides of your head are also responsible for keeping your balance.

Eye surgeries that Involve Incisions In the cornea began as early as the later part of the 1890’s but It was largely experimental during those times. The success of eye surgeries took place after fifty more years from the time It started.

Over the years the means of correcting refractive errors In eyesight have undergone a tremendous change. Due to the advancements In technology, there Is a wide range of refractive technology to choose from. Even In the field of Lasik, technology has played a great role In providing patients with safer and more accurate methods.

Good posture begins with the feet. Years of not standing or walking properly play a huge roll in the massive numbers of people with back problems. It all starts with how you use your feet. Wearing the right shoes obviously plays a huge role in how to treat your feet.

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