It has always been the pursuit of many to keep their youthful looks, even at great costs. And In this day and age, the trend has not changed. Now more than ever, methods, techniques and treatments meant to retain that youthful glow appear everywhere. As It Is the most telltale sign of getting old, anti-aging goods and services account for billions of dollars spent In the hope of delaying the onset of skin aging.

It Is therefore only smart to know just how the skin develops over time. In understanding the hows and whys of aging skin, the correct habits and treatments can then be developed to retain as much of your youthful looks, for as long as possible.

There are two types of aging for the skin. There Is the Intrinsic (Internal) aging, which Is caused by factors within your own body, such as genes and body condition, and extrinsic (external) aging, which Is caused by factors outside your body, such as sunlight and lifestyle.

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As you grow older, the skin’s ability to snap back to shape (elasticity) starts to decrease. That Is because skin cells do not regenerate as fast as they used to resulting In tougher, older skin. Although Internal aging begins In your 20s, the typical signs of wrinkles and sagging skin do not appear for another couple of decades or more.

The information supplied in the books below is priceless, and will give you a solid insight on what to do, to prepare your body and skin from the ravages of the environment and of course ageing.

Wrinkle Reduction And Skin Rejuvenation  Your skin is the first telltale sign of getting old. Starting today, get the facts about “anti-aging” and what you can do to forestall it. Hey, there’s no way you can stop the aging process but there’s no reason why you can’t fight it kicking and screaming all the way! Do you know the two types of aging that make your skin vulnerable? We address this in the first chapter. Know your enemy! Learn how and why skin ages. How can you fight an enemy unless you have a full understanding of how and why it operates?

Secrets To Looking And Feeling Younger  Yes, you can change your own destiny. The only question is whether you are willing to make the changes necessary to fight the aging process. There is little mystery about it. We pour tons of fat down our throats. We sit behind computers all day with little or no exercise. Then, we become concerned when our bodies finally fight back. It’s never too late to flip the hourglass and start over. Grab your copy now and Take Control!

151 Beauty Tips  Just How Did “Cleo” Snag Marc Anthony? We really don’t have the answer to that question but you can bet your boots she used every beauty trick in her papyrus scroll! Beauty, or the lack of it, is pretty much a state of mind. . .well almost. If it were really “all in your head” you wouldn’t be wondering which of our 151 tips you are missing out on. There’s a whole lot more inside. . .it is “151 Beauty Tips” after all.

Cosmetic Surgery “In The Eye Of The Beholder  More people are opting for cosmetic surgery than ever before. While some procedures are purely cosmetic others are what we should perceive as necessary. Any surgery is considered risky business. We’ve all heard about the horror stories. Some of us have even seen some of these horror stories in living color on television. Sadly, once done it is very difficult to go back and redo botched cosmetic procedures. If you or someone you care about is considering cosmetic surgery get the answers to all your questions and questions you haven’t even thought about.