Learn the basics of successful parenting and how to handle that little bundle of joy, your newborn baby.

Successful Parenting is an excellent handbook to learn effective parenting skills. Knowledge is power and Successful Parenting can help you to understand what steps you can take to improve your own skills.

Caring for your Newborn: An Owners Manual eliminates the guesswork and gives you the answers you need before you even know what the questions are!

Having your own copy of this guide will save you many hours of searching and frustration. It will give you the bottom line basics of what you need to do to prepare for the arrival of your newborn.

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It’s amazing how much you can improve a child’s behavior by becoming an effective listener. That’s just the tip of the iceberg of how you can develop Successful Parenting!

Successful Parenting  Have you ever had your child act out a temper tantrum in public? As a parent that’s one of our biggest nightmares, isn’t it? Well, Successful Parenting includes effective tips on how to limit or entirely eliminate this kind of behavior.
Conquering Thumbsucking – Did you know that science has shown that some babies develop thumbsucking while still in the womb? And theirs a whole lot more on the inside, grab your copy right now!

Caring For Your Newborn Baby  There are decisions that you need to make before the baby arrives. Being prepared and knowing what to expect will forestall any last minute confusion. Get the answers to questions like:
* If my baby is a boy, should he be circumcised?
* Should I breastfeed or bottlefeed?
* What should the baby’s name be?
* Where to get tips on decorating the nursery?
And a whole lot more is waiting on the other side, get your copy now!