If your kids appear to be out of control, if you feel you are failing in the role of Mommy or Daddy; if you find yourself counting the days until your kids go off to college, it should be enlightening to realize that you aren’t alone!

Remember when your child was a newborn? The wonder and awe of actually creating a new life was overwhelming. Nothing could compare with the love and bonding that develops between a parent and child.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could bottle that time in your life and pull it out whenever you needed those memories? Unfortunately, we can’t do that.

The reality is that child rearing doesn’t come with a manual. And, even if there were, you come to realize quickly that when raising children there are no “one size fits all.” What’s good for one child may not necessarily be right for another.

So what’s a parent to do?

Well first off, you can’t have enough information about how to develop good parenting skills and Successful Parenting can help you develop those skills. Written to give you answers to some of the basic questions about effective parenting, you’ll quickly find that you just can’t do without the valuable guidance contained in Successful Parenting.

For instance have you ever had your child act out a temper tantrum in public? As a parent that’s one of our biggest nightmares, isn’t it? Well, Successful Parenting includes effective tips on how to limit or entirely eliminate this kind of behavior.

Are you a good listener?

It’s amazing how much you can improve a child’s behavior by becoming an effective listener. That’s just the tip of the iceberg of how you can develop Successful Parenting!

Successful Parenting is an excellent handbook to learn effective parenting skills. Knowledge is power and Successful Parenting can help you to understand what steps you can take to improve your own skills. Take a look at what is covered:

* Conquering Thumbsucking – Did you know that science has shown that some babies develop thumbsucking while still in the womb?

* Handling temper Tantrums – Learn coping mechanisms and when to call in experts.

* How to Stop a Biting Habit – What do the experts say about this habit?

* How to Be A Good Listener – Why it’s important to listen to your children and embrace their suggestions and objections.

* Making Quality Time for your Children – Why you should take note that your responsibility to your child does not end to providing him with his basic needs like food and shelter.

* Building Self Esteem – How to make sure and encourage your child to develop self-esteem.

* How to handle conflict – Setting the ground rules and remembering who is in charge

* The Pitfalls of Physical Punishment – To spank or not to spank? You be the judge.

* Teach Your Child Teamwork Thru Chores – How can we make our children do the chores around the house?

* Making Discipline Effective – A discussion of effective methods of discipline.

* Why Children Lie – Studies show that the best liars out there surprisingly are children. Why is that?

* How to Teach Respect – Respect is one of the values that a parent must teach his child. Usually easier said than done.

* Setting Parameters – The importance of rules.

* Healthy Hobbies to Share with your child – A discussion of hobbies and how they enhance bonding with your child.

* Don’t Forget to Praise Your Child – Why this is so important!

Successful Parenting is no replacement for your innate instincts and should not be construed as such. Rather, it is a valuable tool to arm yourself with important information regarding raising your children.

Remember, there’s no such thing as a user’s manual but if there were, it might read a lot like “Successful Parenting!”