Have you made the decision that you are way overdue for some lifestyle changes? Is getting fit and healthy at the top of the list but working out just doesn’t sound at all appealing?

For some reason swimming doesn’t seem to garner the same hype as some of the more “glamorous” elements of getting fit. Maybe it has something to do with not requiring expensive equipment normally associated with working out.

If you are over or underweight, swimming could be just the fitness tool you need to get in shape. Swimming uses so much of the body’s energy that it is a serious contender for overall good health and fitness.

However, if you think that swimming is something you can just dive into think again. Of course it’s better to get started sooner rather than later, but you do need a bit of guidance before taking the leap.

You don’t want to start off with swimming for fitness without having a serious, well-developed exercise plan in place. You don’t want to do more harm than good. This is where “Swimming for Life” comes in.

Take a look at what “Swimming for Life” means to you:

* Swimming for fitness

* Getting the right equipment

* Discuss the different strokes

* How to breath properly

* Turning on kinetic energy

* How to develop a strong pull

* The proper kick

* Developing speed

* Drills and practice

* Swimming like a fish

* Scuba swimming – underwater

* Training for Competitive Swimming

* Long distance swimming

* Optimum weight for swimming

* Nutrition and swimming

Swimming can be a healthy, rewarding experience as long as you have proper direction. Heck, you may enjoy it so much that you move into competition. Many tri-athletes have their roots in swimming.

Whatever your reasons for becoming fit and healthy by swimming, you’ll find the answers you need in “Swimming for Life.”

It is important that you begin your journey realizing that you must treat swimming just as if you are jogging, running or working out with weights and other equipment. “Swimming for Life” helps you with developing that mindset.

“Swimming for Life” helps you understand that swimming can lessen the stress on your leg joints as well as giving you an over-all body cardiovascular exercise.

Nutrition for a swimmer is similar to other fitness nutritional regimens. And the chapter on Nutrition and Swimming discusses how important it is to stay on track, even in off seasons.

Heck, you even learn how to swim like a fish!