Obesity Is one of the most common disorders In clinical practice. Defined as being 20% or more over desired weight, over one third of the worlds population are over weight.

This problem leads to coronary heart disease, conjestive heart failure and stroke. And of course a much shorter life expectancy.

Even so, people struggle to lose weight with any real benefit to their health. Unfortunately, obesity Is one of the most difficult and frustrating disorders to manage successfully.

The statistics of this disorder are absolutely astounding. Theirs no magic potion that will help drop those kilos, but these books will give you a better Insight and some Ideas that will definately help.

Quality Informational eBooks Weight Loss And Dieting

As with other disorders, a lot of will power Is needed to start dropping that excess weight, along with a good diet that won’t starve you to death and proven dietary supplements.

The information supplied in the books below is priceless, and will give you a solid insight on what to do, and how to start dropping off those unwanted kilos.

All About Liposuction  Liposuction is one of the most popular plastic surgery techniques practiced today. This type of surgery involves the removal of fat from certain areas of the body such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, and upper arms. It is often done in conjunction with other plastic surgery procedures. The process of liposuction varies according to the patient’s preference and what the cosmetic goals are.

Lowering Your Cholesterol  Do you know the warning signs for high cholesterol? Are you aware of your LDL and HDL levels? Do you even know what they mean? If you don’t have a clue what we are talking about, you are definitely high risk. You will find answers to the questions above, as well as an explanation of different medications that are prescribed to control cholesterol. What changes you may need to make in your dietary habits and what impact they will have on prolonging your life.

Conquering Cellulite  The sad truth is thousands of women (and a few men) are plagued with this unsightly condition. While we’ve never heard of someone whose life was threatened by cellulite, it does affect the self-image and well-being of those who have the condition. Before you spend money on expensive “cures and treatments,” arm yourself with the most powerful tool anyone should have when it comes to what you do to your body. What is that tool? Knowledge!

Recognizing And Managing Child Obesity  You’re pulling into the school parking lot just as the bell is ringing, you spot a small crowd teasing one of the kids. You realize the child being teased is your daughter, As you run toward the group you hear the taunting, “fatty, fatty” omigod…..“Why didn’t I see it coming?” There were signs: too much fast food, pizza is such a simple meal on a busy weeknight. What’s a parent to do? Get your copy now for the answers!

The Vegetarian Guide  Have You Ever Considered a 100% Vegetarian Diet? Are You Looking For Alternate Ways to Rid Your Body of Excess Toxins and Fat? Do You Have a Desire to Prevent Disease? If you answered yes to any of these questions you owe it to yourself to explore a vegetarian lifestyle! The next best thing for you to do is get your copy right now, and find out how you can get started on the healthiest diet of your life!

177 Ways To Reduce and Burn Calories  “The The Mediterranean Diet, The Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet, Zone Diet, Cabbage Soup Diet, Negative Calorie Diet! Geesh, it’s enough to drive you straight to the grocery store for a pint of Ben and Jerry’s finest! Have you tried some or all of those diets? Are you sick and tired of being pushed, shoved and pulled in 10 different directions when it comes to finding a diet that works? Your Search Is Over!

47 Herbal Remedies  We’ve got pills to make us sleep, pills to wake us up, pills to make us eat and pills to curb the appetite. It’s absolutely crazy. Whatever ails you there’s a pill to take care of it. If you are sick and tired of being over-medicated, you can take control and start a journey toward natural herbal remedies. After all, natural remedies served the human race very well before we became so smart!

The Worlds Healthiest Foods  Eating healthy is not just for people with a weight problem. Sure, that’s where many people get their first awakening to the benefits of eating healthy. Fast food has become a way of life. We have evolved into a “drive-thru” society. The foods we eat today are pre-packaged, flash frozen and fortified with fake nutrients. Your first step is to learn about healthy foods, and all you need is a copy of “The Worlds Healthiest Foods”, to find out.