Do you spend hours doing work on your computer? Do you experience stiff necks, shoulder pain, eyestrain and fatigue? If you would like to have more energy, improve concentration and focus then you need a copy of the Calisthenics & Stretching Guide!Don’t be fooled. Exercising and stretching aren’t just for the athletes among us. Anyone who experiences the symptoms we mentioned can greatly reduce the instances of discomfort by developing an exercise routine.

We’ve all heard about the dangers of carpal tunnel syndrome but there are other serious conditions you can develop in a sedentary situation. Wrist pain, tennis elbow, tendonitis and Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) are all conditions that can be improved with proper exercise.

Especially problematic are your children. They, too, suffer from the same physical challenges as they spend hours playing games or on the computer.

It’s sad but true that our children are just as susceptible as adults. Believe it or not, kids as young as 8 years old who sit at a computer for hours without taking a break can start showing signs of these conditions!

Research shows that taking short breaks every few hours and using some of the exercises you find in Calisthenics & Stretching Guide can help reduce or even eliminate many of the aches and pains.

There is so much information crammed into its’ pages you must see to believe:

* Different Types of Fitness Training – With the many forms of fitness training, which one will you explore?

* Cardiorespiratory Fitness – What do you know about Cardiorespiratory Fitness Training?

* Muscular Fitness – Exercising muscles regularly improves looks, controls weight and fortifies bones.

* Flexibility – Learn how to flex and stretch yourself to physical fitness

* Evaluating Lifestyle – Do you know how to determine if you are living healthy? Learn how in this chapter.

* Nutrition – How can we effectively maintain and achieve a healthy diet? Learn how in the chapter on nutrition.

* Basic Circuit Training – Do you know what circuit training is? Learn what and how to incorporate it into your regimen.

* Advanced Circuit Training – For those who are ready to step it up a pace.

* Fine Tuning Programs – Learn how to stretch properly.

* Stretching Exercises at Work and Traveling – Learn how to incorporate your exercise with your daily life whether at work, home or even while traveling.

* Calisthenics and Stretching For the Elderly – Even a 90 year old can exercise but not too fast compared to younger people.

* Calisthenics and Stretching for teens – Although physical education is learned at school, sustaining the physical activities and exercises at home, during weekends or holidays can be advantageous. Learn how.

* Workout Do’s and Don’ts – The 10 things you need to know when using any workout program.

Calisthenics & Stretching Guide is no replacement for medical advice and should not be construed as such. It is, however, a valuable tool to arm yourself with important information regarding your fight against a sedentary lifestyle.