Easy Eating Tips to Maintain a Healthy Heart:

1. Begin your day with a bowl of oatmeal.

Oatmeal not only tastes yummy, but additionally it is not bad for the heart as it’s rich in soluble fiber, proven to reduce levels of cholesterol. The type of fiber in oatmeal, beta glucans, can be especially advantageous for weight management and for heart health. Oatmeal additionally includes potassium and magnesium, minerals, which lead to a healthy pulse.

2. Through the use of a smaller bowl and portion.

An easy way to practice portion control is to utilize smaller plates, we have a tendency to eat less whenever we use smaller dishes and bowls. Use a teaspoon as an alternative to a tablespoon, you’ll likely eat less.

3. Top your oatmeal with sliced bananas.

Bananas are abundant with minerals and vitamins, specifically potassium, which help boost heart health. They’re also comparatively low in calories and full of fiber to keep your weight from increasing.

4. Include a legume soup.

Legumes include soluble fiber, which helps lower cholesterol. Split pea soup and lentil are excellent options. They help keep you satisfied and are also filling.