Do you really want to look for how to increase height naturally, without having to buy those growth tablets which are not that great anyways? Sounds good, there is a very natural way to grow taller, but just like anything else, it needs real effort. You would reap what you sow, but with the enough hard work, you can definitely get the outcomes that you are looking for. Here are the ten proven tips on ways to get taller.

10 tips on how to increase height naturally:

  1. The very first thing which you need do is to daily exercise, but before you actually do the main exercises, you might need do stretching few times first. You can perform this when you are still lying on the bed to waken up your brains. Stretch your arms as if you were just pulling it up, and stretch your legs downward as well, as if you were pulling it down. Performing this daily while you are awake is one of the very simple tricks on how to increase height naturally by exercise.
  2. Breathing is also a very good morning exercise. Just take deep breaths. Inhale very deep with your nose and hold your breath, and then exhale with your mouth. Perform this over and over again to fill out your lungs with more oxygen.
  3. A developing body is in needs of great deals of sunlight, therefore go outdoors and just expose yourself into the morning sunlight. The sun is the top source of vitamin D that is an essential nutrient needed by our body to grow taller. Besides, the morning sunlight on your face just feels so good.
  4. Now, you could begin the core exercises. You can start slow by beginning with a fast walk outside. Daily walking is a superb exercise and it is done at any time of the day at anywhere.
  1. After your regular exercises, you should wrap it up with doing a number of massages at particular points of your body which promote your growth hormones. The massage could be a form of daily exercise and a kind of relaxation at the same time.
  2. Remember, you must maintain a good posture. This applies even while you are sleeping. Don’t slouch while you are walking, standing or even sleeping. Suck in your stomach, set your shoulders back, and just push your chest out. Have your chin in at upright position to preserve overall posture. Maintaining a good posture would not just make you feel taller, it would make you taller appearance and more self-confident.
  1. You can get tired from daily exercise and getting lots of relaxation is essential. Your body has to recharge as well as grow, therefore taking a fast 30 minute nap is an outstanding way to give relaxation to our body for the maximum growth.
  2. While sleeping at night, you must always keep in mind to maintain your back flat on the bed to straighten your spine. Stay away from sleeping on your side or on your belly.
  3. Don’t forget to drink a lot of water. You should have enough water to keep you from dehydration as well as to replace lost fluids in your body while exercising.
  4. Lastly, stay away from alcohol and nicotine. Anything that is harmful to your body would thwart your chances of getting taller.

There is no magic to this list but it is just a list of the main fundamental principles you have to monitor in your endeavor on how to increase height naturally.